October 17, 2019

Rana Sana’s son-in-law arrested

Lahore: The Faisalabad police arrested the son of the legislator Rana Sanara on Friday outside the court, where he heard a case against her mother-in-law and opposed her mother-in-law.

Some judges tried to stop the arrest (kill him), but the police officers took Sheharyar and changed him to the Islampura police. Later, he took her to Faisalabad.

An official said Sheharyar was not selected and the police arrested him as suspect. In 2016, Samanabad police registered a case against a suspect who was unidentified in the murder of Shafqat Butt.

At the same time, a special Narcotics Control Court extended the ruling to Rana Sanaullah and other suspects in the anesthesia case on Friday, while the prosecutor issued more Challan documents.

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The prosecutor said the court was also on the next CCTV camera, showing Rana Sana’s car entering the car from the auction.

The court has postponed the proceedings until August 24 and has also given other suspects the opportunity to provide advice.

On July 1, last year, the anti-drug team arrested Rana Sana for drug offences and the next day a federal judge sent him to jail to recover the allegations. The organization has recovered 15 kilograms of heroin in the hands of PML-N leaders and filed a case under article 9 (c) of the 1997 Narcotic Substance Act, which is punishable by fines or imprisonment.

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