October 17, 2019

No brakes on Modi

A recent measure taken by India is to abolish the special form of Kashmir under its rule, a move from Pakistan and India’s many Indian authorities, politicians and civil rights groups.

But the answers from around the world have changed. China condemns Ladakh – the split in the new era – split in Jammu and Kashmir – to expel the alliance to India.

This direction is not particularly useful because India has refused to discuss Kashmir with Pakistan for decades. The US State Department also issued an encouraging statement. Although India has worked together, the London Times has placed the two countries on the same path;

“Ultimately the neighbors must remove their toes. Khani must keep the oath to fight the terrorists.

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The recent alliance in India has not spurred confidence.

Considering which two products the Indian Prime Minister has purchased, there is no return. Lok Sabah House, the lower house of India, voted for the Jammu and Kashmir Reform Party, most of whom were 370 to 70 people.

What happens if the government officially decides and has the power to revoke the special status of Kashmir? We can expect many Indians to come to the valley to buy supplies. Soon, there will be many Muslims selling there. For example, in the densely populated West Bank, nearly half a million Israeli residents moved to Israeli aid housing.

Share and change the careers we see around the world. A military spokesperson recently stated that “Pakistan will consider all options” to oppose India’s demands. What does it mean? We have already fought against India in the dispute between the three countries, but it has not helped. For decades, our scholars have been promoting refunds consistent with the United Nations because they have not done well. We have tried to prevent jihadist groups from establishing cross-border operations, and we have tried but failed.

What is left? Muslim Muslims do not care about the Kashmir issue, and many people in the world do not care. India’s fast-growing economy is driving culture and human rights. By making large shows change, we save ourselves as ordinary people.

Whenever there is a crisis in Kashmir, the government at the time is encouraged to use dialogue to “stop the conflict”. There, you did it. Our political leaders do not know how much Kashmir is fatigued around the world. The only reason to worry about this issue is that India and Pakistan are nuclear weapons. But with the exception of a few scholars, journalists and foreign professionals, no one knows the history of the valley.

Since there is no reliable and effective choice, what do we have? The penetration of jihadist groups has now become more difficult as India has strengthened its fence around the power line. Negotiations are over, because even among close friends, Pakistan does not support its resilience.

This is the war, what I did, and I strongly opposed it. Pakistan – The Indian War proves that the gunfire on both sides may bring disaster to us. Given the differences between the military forces of both sides, the possibility of nuclear proliferation is small.

Responsible experts have long believed that both parties can use some of the power under “nuclear weapons” to some extent. As a result, the military artillery units of the Rocket National Union stationed in Kashmir are unable to acquire nuclear weapons because their exchange does not threaten their status. However, the horizontal portion of the imminent border will force both parties to use nuclear weapons in battle to build an upcoming military force.

In this case, things will only get worse quickly. I hope that good ideas will prevail on both sides and are far from sticky. Unfortunately, the current struggle against India has not spurred confidence.

In the past, Pakistan was seen as a bully. Now, as Barakot’s airline show, Modi seems to have decided to showcase Pakistan’s boss. There is a risk of dangerous contact with the machine.

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