October 17, 2019

Modi’s final solution

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his actions in Kashmir, India may be “terrorists and divisions.” The Pakistani Prime Minister said that this will “change the population.” This is the cleaning of the tribe, and if it applies to the masses it constitutes murder. The Supreme Court of India abolished the announcement of the President of India by deleting Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. In that case, what will Mody do? If not, what happens to IHK? The UN Secretary-General has called for the restoration of the special role of IHK before the final implementation in accordance with the UN Charter. The United Nations supports zindabad!

Prime Minister Imran Khan warned the world that the crisis in Kashmir could lead to the civil war spreading to the level of “no one will win.” He said that if he responded like Tipu Sultan instead of Bahadur Shah Zafar, this would happen! Therefore, Pakistan will “have the best hope and prepare for the worst.”

The Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has asked Pakistan to reassess its decision to reduce and limit relations with India. The Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that if India regains its status as IHK, Pakistan will reassess its views. hurricane? Is the problem getting closer? The next few days are very difficult.

Is the problem getting closer? The next few days are very difficult.

According to well-known author and activist Arundhati Roy, Article 370 and the IHK division that violated Indian law were deleted. UNSC Resolution 122 rejected Kashmir’s Indian commitment, UN Charter and UN resolution, Shimla Agreement and Lahore The declaration thus abolished LoC as a legal entity.

Experts estimate that the war between India and Pakistan could cause about half of the world’s population to die. The central authorities will not allow this. Of course, India and Pakistan do not have the first nuclear power. No matter who whipped it, they could not survive the nuclear retaliation that killed the same person.

The Prime Minister must spread his message to the world: he will target everything that can save the situation, including trying to form an alliance with Modi to break IHK’s deadly hopes. However, if the Indian Prime Minister withdraws him and remains determined to end the Kashmiri boycott of “isolation,” he will find that Pakistan has a chance to resist him. Therefore, all countries in the world must play their part.

The news will attempt to counter Modi’s message to the people of the valley, that is, through useless, speculative and mass media propaganda, Pakistan will give up as they can, as it has been for more than 70 years.

Many Pakistanis firmly believe that Pakistan should do its utmost, but not risk the lives of Kashmiris despite the threat of genocide, mass killings and massacres. He argued that Pakistan should ban nuclear powers from restricting India’s aggression against Pakistan and impossible or killing the Indian people to kill the IHK people.

He expects more aggressive, impressive and high-profile public protests, high resolutions, groundbreaking reforms, global leaders who promote or seek to modify Indian values, and UNSG to provide UN Security Council under Article 99 of the UN Charter Ability. They may be right. These two processes must be systematically changed.

But given the determination and courage of Kashmir’s resistance, all fears of punishment, torture and execution have been lost; the temporary and fundamental transformation of the ideas carried out simultaneously by Indian leaders and valley leaders; with the help of Israel, Modi may not be able to find The ultimate solution, and the cruel hatred and revenge of Hindu Nazi politicians. A former Indian secretary of state told me that “a big country cannot be bound by the laws and principles that apply to smaller countries.” “Kashmir should be responsible for India’s big country.”

The recent US delegation to Islamabad supports Pakistan’s cooperation with Afghanistan and warned them to take action against Pakistani or AJK clothing to keep their list away from the FATF. The time is good. The news is loud and clear: there is no misunderstanding of the United States supporting Pakistan, and even in India there may be many incidents in Kashmir.

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