October 17, 2019

A robust response that’s viable too

Suddenly the sudden demand for Kashmir, and the ensuing pain, because millions of hopeless, unnamed Kashmiris are in my mind, and the makers of half of the magical characters from the valley. Be your friend.

Reaching the established valley during the economic boom is a deterrent, but unlike many people in the world who seem to have shown the Delhi Kashmir performance as a radical, immoral social purchase in the 2000s, my friendship and my place. The miracle that made me see that India’s position is stupid.

When repeating Article 370 of the Indian Constitution, the People’s Party Government has proved its beauty, and the Dutch people’s wishes are subject to the Hindu policy of the ruling party and RSS, and the parent organization attracts and guides them.

Although the political party of Narendra Modi-Amit Shah-Ajit Doval wants to abolish the special status of Kashmir, he finally admitted that this is a legal part of the constitution. In other words, it continues to deny their right to justice and the freedom from India for the Kashmiris. Life makes a difference. .

The government system is the only way, even if it is seventy-five years later.

Due to the controversy and interest of Hindu BJP, the news of Srinagar and other controversial constituencies was fully communicated and quenched to promote national response. So far, it has played a big role.

Only the complexity of travel and the slow progress of the underground can only be reached by mysterious journalists from Kashmir through mobile toys conveyed by travelers.

Don’t be wrong. Although it seems that beautiful Indian journalists have accepted and spread their government, representing what makes Steve Bannon look like a dove, and various famous sayings, there is a conscience voice calling him in the movie “He believes” Leadership in this, which leads to more violence and confusion.

If the idea of ​​the 370th Amendment is to provide permits to allow people to exchange plains for production, for example, non-Muslims buy land and property in the valley and increase their share among the people, many of the Kashmiris I am talking about are there. Regional anger will eliminate all these migrations.

Pakistan has achieved a history of 2,000 years. Together with the Kashmiris, it is the largest party against India. As a result, last month President Donald Trump told his guests at the White House that the “great player” Pakistani President Imran Khan was preparing to participate in the conflict between Islamabad and Delhi, and Pakistani journalists and fishermen cheered.

When the Prime Minister flew home and boarded the satellite gate to return home, the helicopter was boarded to allow passengers to leave, and due to the Supreme Court’s ruling, they loaded the jewelry and the members of the second non-responsible member.

The cabinet members were among the first to establish leaders, swing, push and shoot; this event reminds people that after the 1992 World Cup win, the Pakistani cricket team will return to the game.

Although the team received a large number of people, the interests of PTI leaders and senior managers were similar to those of the defense day. Not surprisingly, a spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that after winning the World Cup, he also felt that he was returning to China.

Unfortunately, this excitement did not last as long as the Indians began and the US State Department immediately denied allegations that Modi had asked him to do justice. Then, of course, if the 1992 World Cup model is still needed, the Waterford Crystals section will fall to the ground, destroyed by hopeless debris and Modi’s 370 part of the conflict.

The meeting of the Legion leaders entered a territory, and the leaders of the army still remember how he grew up in Washington, DC. A few days ago.

The long-awaited summit summit condemned India’s move and promised to “protect the rights of Kashmiris anyway”. In addition to state-owned special military equipment and 500,000 military units, this is a brave statement of a senior soldier with advanced technology and intelligent military equipment.

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