October 17, 2019

Yasir Hussain wants all Pakistani artists to boycott Bollywood forever

Earlier this week, the Indian government cancelled the special status of Kashmir, and the tension between Pakistan and India has intensified.

This task entrusts the rights of many Islamic countries, including their own laws and the right to make laws independently, in addition to security, communications and foreign affairs.

This was done before the deadline, with thousands of newly deployed groups arriving, other networks and phones cut off in the Himalayas, and many against Indian rule.

In the chaos, many Pakistani celebrities oppose the actions of New Delhi. The latest statement comes from player Yasser Hussein, who hopes that Pakistani artists will vow not to cooperate with India.

In his letter on Instagram, he wrote: “I hope that every Pakistani artist can work with India. You like Kashmir, then do you want to work in India again?”

“Now all Pakistani artists will judge me, but I don’t care. I love Pakistan, I cry for Kashmir. I believe that art is infinite, but maybe that’s it. Drawing it, we should be like this too. #Standforkashmir.”

At the same time, India has long banned the ban on Pakistani actors from working in Bollywood, while Pakistani cinemas cannot show Bollywood movies.

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