October 17, 2019

Minimum gas charges increased by 39pc

Islamabad: Within 40 days of rising energy prices by 200%, the government raised low prices for natural gas by almost 39% on Friday, except for a 9% business that did not convert home buyers.

This decision was informed by the Office of Oil and Gas Regulators (Ogra) in the opinion of the department of Energy – Fuel Oil. Regardless of the amount of drinks, each user must pay a very small fee. This also means that even a closed house connected to gas but using zero will be worth paying for.

According to information, the minimum electricity bill for residential users is unchanged at INR 173 per million British oil. Cheap additions have been in effect and will have effect from July 1, 2019.

On the other hand, public and private offices, government, government hotels, military unrest, divers, educational institutions, orphanages and big house buyers, low income is discounted from Rs 45 to Rs 3,900 to Rs.

The low cost for retail buyers and ice mills has increased from Rs. 5,880 to Rs 6,415 per month, with the cost of most industries increasing from Rs 26,302 to Rs 38,650 to Rs 36,450 per month.

The minimum rate for registered or exporter manufacturers of the five-component industries and their rights (including textiles, jute, carpento, leather, sports and equipment) has also grown by 38.6% from Rs 20,232 per month to Rs 28,060 per month. .

The minimum cost of compressed natural gas (CNG) and cement increased from Rs. From INR 21,210.

The cost of subsidiaries of electric utilities that voluntarily use or sell excess electricity to others (including utility companies or bulk users) rose by 39% from Rs 26,302 to Rs 36,450 per month. .

Following the merger, a petroleum office official said that natural gas revenues should add up to previous deals, while renewable energy costs would apply, but last week of June, prices for excess oil could not be fully determined in Ogra. Additions. He added that the minimum and minimum production costs are always adjusted based on the amount of fuel consumed at the end of the oil cycle, often representing about three months of average natural gas.

Responding to a question, the official said the oil sector had not received a recent decision by the Economic Development Coordination Committee (ECC) to reduce the cost of indoor gas, as it had not yet been approved by the Cabinet. . He said the ECC and ministers would consider importing natural gas.

According to an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, the government raised domestic gas prices by 200% on June 29, with the rest of the sector by 31%, generating about R5,5 billion in the current financial year. The revised version of this rule will take effect on July 1 and January 1 each year.

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