October 17, 2019

Focus on regional cricket as cabinet approves new PCB constitution

Islamabad: The Prime Minister approved the New Constitution of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Friday, in which I see a new goal of building a domestic community.

The Federal Minister met with Prime Minister Imran Khan as chairman and approved the renovation of the kilogram family.

“[After the last 40] years, the development of sports is completed. Now, the focus will be on promoting cricket,” says Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Information and Broadcasting, after the cabinet meeting. “The Minister [in the new House] decided to strengthen the cricket community.”

He added: “It was also decided to give special attention to the blinding games of women and women. The council also decided that there was no need to promote the old kilogram, but to use young people’s resources.”

According to sources, the powers of the chairman and CEO have been separated according to the new PCB law.

According to the redevelopment plans, the regional teams should have six teams – two Party teams, one from Sindh, Balochistan, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Federal Regional Cricket Association – thus the structure of the college football team is available in 16 regional clubs.

On the first floor, from U-16 to first class, six teams represent their respective divisions.

However, city teams will continue to work to send their players to the regional team and play ‘B’ cricket. They say in the new Constitution, the chairperson of the three Risk organizations should be involved in the PCB Council. At the same time, two members will be appointed by the Prime Minister, who will be the PCB chairperson. In addition to the four independent directors, the woman will also be a part of the PCB.

It is important to note that PM Imran Khan has already expressed a keen interest in achieving construction in the PCB to promote cricket management in the region.

Earlier in April this year, when the issue was referred to the PCB Council, when several BoG members opposed the idea of ​​ending the national cricket team, the cricket board encountered difficulties. However, the PCB monitoring system for the PM was later developed to implement the proposal to change the PCB system, which was approved on Friday.

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