October 17, 2019

Senate panel for clear-cut policy to counter Modi’s ‘fascism’

Islamabad: The House of Assembly has called for detailed measures to challenge the “conviction” of the Prime Minister of India and to call for a special meeting of the House of Lords on the country’s biggest crisis since 1971.

The Standing Committee on Diplomacy, chaired by Senator Husseid Hussein Said, has called on the government to develop a plan to end the Kashmir conflict and highlight “the attractiveness and discrimination of Narendra Modi” The plans are also reminiscent of Nazi Germany. “

It also called for a series of legislative measures aimed at uncovering human rights violations in Kashmir and establishing Pakistan’s national security policy to protect Pakistan’s interests, promote Kashmir’s actions, and gradually showcase India’s peace-generating environment in the region .

The group felt that India had deliberately tried to deepen the conflict between the LoC and the labor border (WB) through unlawful evictions. It added that New Delhi had violated the military rule that he had ceased to enter in 2003 in order to turn attention to the atrocities that had taken place in Jammu and Kashmir.

The party has criticized the Modi government for taking steps to restore the special status of Jammu and Kashmir (IOK) in good faith. It called on India to change these ways because it would disrupt peace and stability in South Asia.

The organization called for the immediate release of the Hurriyat leader, restoring mobile and internet services and extending access times to Kashmir.

Foreign Ministry officials who attended the meeting opened up that Pakistan’s response to India’s operations was not appropriate or that they did not pay attention to what was to come. “The steps that have been taken and evaluated are the test,” he said.

Senator Moshahid Hussein said Pakistan should set a long and stable plan for India, citing Kashmir’s role in New Delhi as the most important development in the region since 1971.

“We cannot divide the peace. The world cannot expect Pakistan to act on its western frontier, and our eastern border has repeatedly been compromised,” Senator Mushahid added.

Former Minister of Home Affairs Senator Lehman Malik blamed India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for making allegations of genocide in Kashmir and urged the government to report the case to the International Court of Justice. The committee believes that the Government cannot deal with the problems that have occurred on its own and will call on Parliament to take action to turn Pakistan’s case into a global one.

The commission said that because of India’s recent actions to upset Kashmiris, Pakistan should use the box instead of finding a common solution.

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