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Yasir Hussain wants all Pakistani artists to boycott Bollywood forever

Earlier this week, the Indian government cancelled the special status of Kashmir, and the tension between Pakistan and India has intensified. This task entrusts the rights of many Islamic countries, including their own laws and the right to make laws independently, in addition to security, communications and foreign affairs. This was done before the deadline, ….  Read More

A robust response that’s viable too

Suddenly the sudden demand for Kashmir, and the ensuing pain, because millions of hopeless, unnamed Kashmiris are in my mind, and the makers of half of the magical characters from the valley. Be your friend. Reaching the established valley during the economic boom is a deterrent, but unlike many people in the world who seem ….  Read More

Modi’s final solution

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said his actions in Kashmir, India may be “terrorists and divisions.” The Pakistani Prime Minister said that this will “change the population.” This is the cleaning of the tribe, and if it applies to the masses it constitutes murder. The Supreme Court of India abolished the announcement of the President ….  Read More

No brakes on Modi

A recent measure taken by India is to abolish the special form of Kashmir under its rule, a move from Pakistan and India’s many Indian authorities, politicians and civil rights groups. But the answers from around the world have changed. China condemns Ladakh – the split in the new era – split in Jammu and ….  Read More

Faryal Talpur shifted to Polyclinic

Islamabad: His former sister, Fifal Talpur, was in the hands of the National Accountability Office (NAB) and was transferred to a general hospital on Friday. PPP leaders were arrested in June for allegedly extorting blackmails through false accounts. He was transferred to hospital management and diagnosed as a stomach infection. The hospital source said that ….  Read More

Sindh Assembly outranks other assemblies in holding sessions

Islamabad: The Sindh Provincial Assembly passed all regional conventions and held multi-day meetings in the first year after the 2018 election. According to a study conducted by the Pakistan Institute for Legislative Development and Transparency (Pildat), the Sindh Provincial Assembly held 90 working days in the first year, followed by the Punjab Congress for a ….  Read More

Rana Sana’s son-in-law arrested

Lahore: The Faisalabad police arrested the son of the legislator Rana Sanara on Friday outside the court, where he heard a case against her mother-in-law and opposed her mother-in-law. Some judges tried to stop the arrest (kill him), but the police officers took Sheharyar and changed him to the Islampura police. Later, he took her ….  Read More

Withdrawal of recognition to MS/MD program: Punjab to approach Saudi govt through the diplomatic channel

Lahore: Bungwe la zaumoyo la Punjab laganiza zopanga ndi Kingdom of Saudi Arabia nkhani yakuchotsa kuvomerezedwa ku Pakistan ku yunivesite yakumaliza maphunziro ku zamaphunziro a zamankhwala – MS ndi MD – kudzera pa njira ya diploma. Msonkhanowu udaganiza zolembera boma la Saudi kuti ibwererenso lingaliro lawo lopatula pulogalamu ya Pakistan / MD ku Pakistan pamndandanda ….  Read More

Moderate to heavy rains likely in Sindh

KARACHI: Mvula yochepa komanso yamvula yamkuntho ikuyembekezeka m’chigawo chonse mpaka Lolemba m’mawa, zomwe zingayambitse kusefukira kwamatawuni Ku Karachi, Hyderabad ndi Thatta, dipatimenti Ya Anasonkhana inatero chenjezo Lachisanu. “Dongosolo labwino kwambiri lomwe limamangidwa Mu Bay la Bengal likulowa Ku Sindh kuchokera Ku Rajasthan lero (Lachisanu usiku) ndikupangitsa ukufalitsidwa kukhala yamvula yambiri, makamaka Ku Sindh kwapakati ndi ….  Read More